Pink Opal



  Pink Opal




During 2011 we made another new find in Western Australia.

This new discovery was made in the Gascoyne region, east of the coastal town of Carnarvon.

Up until now, the only source for pink opal has been from Peru.

Ours occurs as a horizontally lying seam and comes in a range of colours from a very dark rose pink all the way through to almost white.

Some of the stone has attractive swirls and bands with different shades of pink as you can see in the pictures below.



Pink-opal.jpg (169797 bytes)  Pink-opal2.jpg (158160 bytes)

 Pink-opal-rough.1.jpg (156949 bytes)  Pink-opal-rough.jpg (128156 bytes)


Brecciated Pink Opal


Another feature of this new discovery is the associated occurrence of brecciated pink opal.

 Breccciated-Pink-Opal.jpg (95828 bytes)  >Breccciated-Pink-Opal2.jpg (172918 bytes)  >Breccciated-Pink-Opal3.jpg (115779 bytes)