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These  items of Australian variscite have been cut from variscite that we mined in September 2006

     This little beauty measures  67mm x 36mm x 22mm. 

                                    It was created by Dalan Hargrave, gem cutter extroadinaire                          


More pictures below

Variscite  is a hydrated  aluminium phosphate.  

Glenn Archer and David Vaughan  made a significant, new variscite discovery on Woodlands Station, NW of Meekatharra, Western Australia in 2003 . This new deposit is producing an exciting range of colours ranging from delicate lime greens to darker, gemmy material close to the colour of top grade chrysoprase through to a deep, translucent emerald green.

The most unusual feature of the  variscite is its association with gold. Gold is unevenly distributed in the variscite specimens, and ranges from discrete fine grains to visible concentrations in the variscite . There are also larger single grains in the rock matrix. Assays of up to 17 g/t Au have been returned from some samples

Much of the newly mined stone is also webbed....an added bonus as "spiderweb variscite" is a highly sought after material for cutting cabochons. 




        variscite-cabochon0001.jpg (156272 bytes)                                                     variscite-cabochons.jpg (112917 bytes)

These gorgeous cabochons were created by Nevin Shrage of Denver, Colorado                       nebulouswhitecloud@yahoo.com



These exquisite carvings were created from our material by a master craftsman in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Glenn-with-Variscite-fish.jpg (140806 bytes)  Variscite-fish.jpg (129804 bytes)  Variscite-frog.jpg (189964 bytes)  Variscite-seahorse.jpg (167178 bytes)




Below are some photos of the new find & webbed variscite  from this area.

 glenn-at-variscite.jpg (116942 bytes)  variscite-seam.jpg (57919 bytes) david-at-variscite.jpg (70498 bytes)    

 variscite-slice.jpg (61729 bytes) variscite-pf-darker.jpg (44793 bytes) variscite-scenic-pf.jpg (42682 bytes) dark-green-webbed-variscite.jpg (63548 bytes) variscite-in-matrix.jpg (43491 bytes) lime-webbed-variscite.jpg (45236 bytes) webbed-variscite.jpg (75592 bytes) variscite-polished.jpg (58834 bytes)

 variscite-pendant.jpg (74370 bytes)    variscite-pendant.2jpg.jpg (107334 bytes)   variscite-dark-webbed-cab.jpg (115905 bytes)

D8-at-variscite.jpg (66463 bytes) variscite-scenery.jpg (79474 bytes) new-variscite-mine.jpg (99334 bytes) new-variscite-mine.2jpg.jpg (130875 bytes) variscite-deposit.jpg (84802 bytes) wildflowers-near-variscite.jpg (159530 bytes) variscite--D8L.jpg (67962 bytes)  

Cat-330-at-variscite2.jpg (111177 bytes) variscite-2006.jpg (86697 bytes) variscite-workings.jpg (63966 bytes) high-grade-variscite-in-sit.jpg (286161 bytes) rockbreaker-at-variscite.jpg (257338 bytes) variscite-camp..jpg (203198 bytes) variscite-mine.jpg (156177 bytes) variscite-seams.jpg (217016 bytes)