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Gaspeite is a rare nickel carbonate. The Australian material that has been on the market, has all come from only one location....
near a tiny outback town called Widgiemooltha in Western Australia.

During the course of a nickel mining operation, the gaspeite was unearthed. Being an exceptionally high grade nickel ore,
it was stockpiled for later treatment (the gaspeite being mixed in with many thousands of tons of other material).

For various reasons, portions of this stockpile were more or less abandoned by the mining company. After numerous parties made frequent collecting trips,
the company decided to sell the gaspeite rights to the highest bidder. In 1997 an American gemstone dealer finally won the bidding.

I was on site to assist during the operation. Unfortunately, all that remains at the site now, is the left over rock that we sifted through.
If you're lucky, you may find some crumbs that we missed.

During 2008 another major nickel mining operation took place at this location. A new open cut pit has been created and the waste rock
surrounding the orebody has been deposited on top of the old stockpiles. This means that any chance of recovering any remaining gaspeite is now gone,
buried beneath a mountain of overburden that probably exceeds a quarter of a million tons.


From time to time, small amounts of gaspeite become available from some of the earlier collectors.

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