G'day.....My name is Glenn Archer .  



I am the owner and operator of Australian Outback Mining .

We specialise in prospecting & mining Australian gemstones, minerals & fossils.

Our location is about an hour's drive east of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia.

We are one of the largest exporters of rough semi-precious gemstones in Western Australia.

We also cut and polish much of the material that we find.

 As we are often away prospecting & mining , you may at times find it difficult  to contact us. However if you leave an email message, we will do our utmost to make contact with you when we return from the "outback".


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 Agates   Agates for here




 Black Jade 

Black Jasper Conglomerate    

Blue Lepidolite        .............. Blue Lepidolite for here


Brecciated Mookaite 


Chert Breccia   



 Chinese Writing Stone     



 Chrome Chalcedony    


Chrysoprase                           Chrysoprase for here


Crazy Lace Agate       Crazy Lace Agate for here


Dendritic Opal   


Desert Sunset        


Dragon Stone   


 Epidote, Quartz & Axinite  Epidote-Quartz-Axinite-2.jpg 







(citron or lemon chrysoprase)


Mookaite        ..............Stunning-mookaite-nodule.jpg (123275 bytes) Mookaite for here

Munjina Stone     


Noreena Jasper  Noreena Jasper for here.

Opalised Serpentine     


 Orbicular Granite      Orbicular Granite for sale


Outback Jasper   


Peanut Wood     Peanut Wood for here


 Pink Opal   






Rhodonite      Rhodonite for sale here.



(Rain Forest Jasper)


Snakeskin Jasper 


Stromatolites        asperia111.jpg (57748 bytes) Stromatolites for here



Tiger Eye               Tiger Eye for here

Largest  Marra Mamba tiger eye ever found 

      Glenn-&-big-TE-slab.jpg (49832 bytes)      


Tiger Iron                      


Variscite                      Variscite for here



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Postal address :  P.O. Box 7  Wundowie, Western Australia, 6560

Email :


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